Société FBO - Saint-Junien 87
Présentation FBO

The company FBO was formed in 2006 following the merger of the companies “Forges de Belles Ondes” founded in 1954, and "Pneumatique Union" founded in 1961. An integration in 2022 followed into the holding Bachelet.
FBO SAS is supplier of railway rolling stock with a share capital of 2 million euros. It employs around 130 people and generates a sales revenue of around 15 million euros, 90% of which is generated in the railway industry and nearly 50% in direct exportation.
FBO designs and supplies high quality, reliable products for all railway vehicles, including pneumatic and electro-pneumatic and electronic systems adapted to the specific needs of its clients.

The head office and the final assembly plant are located in SAINT JUNIEN (in Haute-Vienne, 400 km south-west of PARIS).
Implantation de FBO - Saint Junien
Head office & Plant
ZI de Boisse - 9 rue Montgolfier

Tel. +33 (0) 555 02 26 32
Fax. +33 (0) 555 02 55 25

The ROLAMPONT site (in Haute-Marne, 300 km south-east of PARIS) is dedicated to production - forging and machining - as well as the assembly of Vebeo fittings.
Forging plant
Route de Villiers

Tel. +33 (0) 325 84 72 38
Fax. +33 (0) 325 88 79 24

As part of FBO's Asia presence, an enterprise was established in India in 2020: FBO FITTINGS and SYSTEMS INDIA PVT LTD
Development & assembly plant
T-94, Bhosari MIDC, Pune
411 026, Maharashtra, India

Tel. +91 98 29 54 33 71
FBO - Internationale Implantation
Worldwide Implantation FBO

The export activities across the world with agents with whom FBO has agreements for prospecting and customer tracking.

A number of business partnerships exist between FBO and Boble, Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and BPI Finance

FBO operates in a total quality approach from the design of its products and with EN ISO 9001 certified organization since the early 1990s.
FBO is also IRIS certifiied since July 2016. That confirms the special position of FBO among the top of the railway industry suppliers.
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FBO is Ecovadis certified
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FBO is EN 15085 (class 4) certified, positioning the company as a railway rolling stock designer according to the most challenging welding standards
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FBO has been awarded numerous certificates:
In the railway domain with its clients:
  • Original equipment manufacturer and subcontractors (OEM)
  • Railway operators  (SNCF, RATP, DB, RENFE, ...)

In the marine domain with products approved by VERITAS.
FBO certified ISO 9001

Since 2010, FBO is a signatory of the convention of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, which integrates different dimensions of corporate social responsibility management (CSR)
  • Economical
  • Social
  • Environmental, particularly as it respects the REACH and Rohs standards.
  • Civil society and local life
FBO offers products according to quality criteria and demanding reliability because they are involved in :
  • railways safety operation,
  • safety of travelers.
  The objectives of this policy in terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery time are regularly measured at different steps of the organization.

Sales conditions are applied to order forms and contracts.
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"Gender Equality Law"
FBO established its Gender Equality Index 2023 and obtained a score of 61 points out of 100 :
The scores obtained for each of the indicators are as follows:
Pay gap indicator: 36
Difference in the rate of individual pay rises: 15
Return from maternity leave indicator: 0
High pay indicator: 10
For a total of 61/100.
In 2023, an effort has been made to improve pay for the machine operators (M/F) sector, which is made up mostly of men, and where there is a global labour shortage.
Management undertakes to maintain its efforts and momentum in favour of equal pay and gender diversity, as it has done for several years.
The company undertakes to continue to ensure equal pay on recruitment, for the same position, with equivalent skills and professional experience.
The company undertakes to ensure the elimination of any pay differentials in terms of individual increases for the same position / same level of skills / professional experience.
The company commits to ensuring that employees on maternity or adoption leave benefit from the increases defined by management.